Financial Literacy
Having a strong understanding of creating and following a financial plan to become successful both in one's professional and personal lives. This workshop will empower young ladies to learn the basic financial skills, habits, and long-term thinking that will help them achieve independence. This workshop will include basic knowledge of taxes, stocks, retirement planning, credit scores and so much more.

Dinner and Etiquette
Knowing the importance and the art of fine dining is essential to navigating through business and social circles. Our young ladies will be instructed step by step through a full three course meal learning place settings, silverware selection as well as customary dining practices and basic etiquette.  They will also learn how to prepare various dishes.

Positive Self Image

Embracing our own beauty is a critical lesson for young ladies and respecting our differences. Treating your body with respect is a difficult lesson to learn. These young ladies will be given tools to better maintain their physical image; related to skin, personal hygiene, and hair as well as learn the importance of healthy nutrition and physical fitness.

STEAM 101 (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
Young ladies will develop an interest and excitement for the skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). Through hands-on activities, they will explore, ask questions and solve problems.  



Self Expression 

Balancing everyday life as a teenage girl can be very demanding and overwhelming. Our young ladies will learn healthy ways to express emotions and feelings through journaling, as well as techniques that will help them convey their dreams by creating action boards.

Statistics 101 

Teen Pregnancy 

Young ladies must become educated on the role they play in their sexual health.  A medical professional will share information on the importance of abstinence and making healthy sexual choices along with dispelling many myths that might be associated with sexual behaviors.

Teen Violence

Teen pregnancy is linked with various types of violence, including intimate partner violence and sexual abuse, and often leads to other risky behavior. It is also the case that teens who are pregnant are at increased risk of experiencing domestic violence.


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