Young Ladies Inc Program provides group mentoring and lead the Young Ladies Inc in one-hour to 3-hour sessions at chosen venues in the area.  Our mentoring process begins in a group structure with a 1:10 Mentor: Mentee ratio and will cater to  young ladies from  ages 11-15 and will be extending other services to young ladies from ages 16-24.  The program is organized around the goal of Inspiring, Motivating and Encouraging self development that will be life-changing.

As study has shown being in a group, mentees appear to derive benefits not only from the mentor, but from their peers. Peer input may, in fact, be the biggest advantage of group mentoring.  To the extent that group mentoring can help with peer relationships, it is likely to have far-reaching effects.  For example, in a study of mentoring process, mentoring relationships led to increases in the levels of intimacy, communication and trust. These improvements, in turn, led to a range of positive outcomes.


We will be having respected business women and/or men that will provide wisdom & resources that will help guide these young ladies through their professional and educational development with the input of the young ladies desired career path discussed at our sessions.  For example, if a young ladies shows interest in becoming a nurse we will bring in a health professional who would be able to share the process of achieving that goal.

Our program will primarily focus on life skills.  Knowing how to prepare a meal, apply for college, buy a house, becoming an entrepreneur or even opening a bank account is just a small part of being successful at living your everyday life and achieving your goals.  The Young Ladies, Inc program will provide these young ladies with the tools to be able to step out into the world with confidence and the knowledge to be their best.  










  • To promote academic excellence through program referrals, personal and educational development.


  • To track the success of the young ladies as they evolve through Young Ladies, Inc. program.


  • To expand the program to 2 counties over the next 5 years.


  • To collaborate with community partners and business leaders.


  • To encourage the young ladies in the program to give back to their local communities as well as abroad. 

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